dmexco Theme #1

Advanced programmatic buying methods like automated guaranteed, programmatic guaranteed, and Programmatic direct

Ad tech companies are beginning to take new buying concepts like Automated Guaranteed more seriously. They’re developing solutions that allow buyers and sellers to operate with increased flexibility and weighing in on all the confusing programmatic definitions floating around in the industry.

For more information on the definitions out there:
Are Automated Guaranteed and Programmatic Guaranteed the Same Thing?
Smart AdServer Makes Understanding Programmatic Easy
Will Doherty, Index Exchange & Tim Sims, The Trade Desk Discuss Programmatic Guaranteed


dmexco Theme #2

Storytelling: Advertising is publishing

From innovative storytelling, to native advertising, to programmatic creativity, the importance of storytelling was at the forefront of dmexco’s video, tech and digital marketing strategy conferences. The power of visuals and its positive impact on brand recognition and engagement means that advertisers need to start thinking like journalists, writers, and producers, not just “content creators.”

Check out this not-to-miss dmexco presentation, “One to One – The New Creativity: Who Knew?” with Laura Henderson from Mondelez and eMarketer’s Geoffrey Ramsey.

dmexco Theme #3:

Walled Gardens: The problems they cause

More than one presenter at dmexco outright condemned the existence of walled gardens. Lack of control for publishers, the inability of marketers to bring full data sets to the conversation, and a general distaste for the power of these ad tech giants were all running themes throughout the conference sessions.

The not-to-miss dmexco talk: “The Battle Field: Walled Garden versus Open Ground” with Sizmek, Zenith, Google and OpenX.