6 reasons why you should consider Smart as an alternative to OpenX:

1) Concerned about set-up and migration? Smart will help!

The biggest challenge of switching to another ad server is achieving a smooth migration :

  • Deals and campaigns migration
  • Testing / Validation of new tagging plan
  • Third party providers integrations (DMP, CRM, etc)
  • etc.

After 16 years helping publishers switch, Smart understands this very well. That’s why we provide a full support pack to publishers that migrate to our platform. Our dedicated technical account management team are experts experts who having led migrations for a wide variety of publishers. They provide full guidance, process and technical support to help you make the smoothest transition possible from OpenX.


2) Smart is a robust desktop and mobile ad server with 16 years of continuous R&D and feature releases

Historically Smart’s core business is ad serving. We have been doing it exclusively for publishers for more than 16 years. Our platform is built for premium publishers and our roadmap is dedicated to enabling their success: user-friendly UI, advanced delivery algorithm, strong forecasting and reporting, APIs, holistic yield management, and more.

Our team of ad tech experts, made up of 50%+ engineers, constantly deliver new features to help you easily manage your advertising business. The team provides the necessary service to fully implement and customize ad tech stack.

Plus, we provide mobile solutions since 2009 allowing us to provide cutting edge advertising SDKs, effective monetization sources and the best level of support in this area.


3) Smart is a large global player

Smart powers the ad business of 1000+ publishers worldwide. The platform is connected with major DSPs globally and locally which enable advanced monetization capabilities everywhere.

45% of the top 1,000 biggest websites worldwide* integrate Smart as a monetization partner among including Le Monde, GMC, Intuit, Wine Enthusiast, TracFone and Financial Times.


4) Smart is a full-stack platform enabling holistic monetization through a truly unified and transparent auction.

Our SSP is natively integrated in our ad server and that means a lot when it comes to holistic revenue optimization. We have developed a cutting-edge ad decisioning system based on our advanced forecasting machine. This ensures the best monetization for every single impression while preserving our customers commitments to advertisers.

Whether publishers seek to implement direct campaigns, programmatic deals or open auctions, we ensure full optimization and give you 100% control on the strategy.  If they also implement header bidding, we can integrate this in a pure and unified competition (and we can also help with header bidding implementation).

Some of our publishers have seen their revenue grow by 150%+ after implementing Smart and client side header-bidding .


5) Smart is Independent & 100% Transparent

If you are currently using OpenX and not Google Ad Manager (GAM) it means that partnering with an independent player really matters to you. You are not willing to work with a player who can compete with your business by being a media player itself. You wish to have full control over your business and monetization strategy.

Like OpenX, Smart is an Independent player, who does not compete with your business, doesn’t make any use of your data and lets you run your business the way you want to.

Plus, transparency has always been in our DNA. We share all insights and data with our publisher customers, up to the log level.


6) Smart is also providing a Video Solution

Because we strongly believe that a successful monetization means controlling all aspects of the business we have developed solutions for all screens and formats.

Smart provides a full suite of tools to easily run video in-stream and video out-stream ads for both your direct and programmatic campaigns. Check that out in our Gallery of desktop and mobile video formats.

Looking for a replacement for 
OpenX Ad Server?

Both the OpenX and Smart teams share a commitment to your business success.