In October 2015, Google kickstarted the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project to speed up mobile web page loading using AMP-HTML. AMP pages are cached and loaded instantly and publishers have control over the visual design and business model.

Aware of the great opportunities it can represent for its publishers and with goal of improving user experience on mobile, Smart AdServer has been part of the project since its inception.

Today, Google officially launched AMP and the first version of our AMP-ready tag is now available!

Smart AdServer and AMP

Our first AMP-ready tag allows you to display (only via https) premium and RTB campaigns on standard and interstitial formats.

The AMP Project is in its early stages, so please read over our user documentation to understand the limitations. More formats are coming soon!

What we recommend

-Traffic your campaigns like you usually do, using templates that are AMP-compliant.

-Follow the “Tagging Accelerated Mobile Pages” user documentation.

-Check to make sure all creative resources and third-party partners serve only via https.

If you have additional questions on how to integrate the AMP Project tag, please contact the Smart AdServer Technical Account Management Team.


Photo by Thom