Every four years, the FIFA World Cup benefits from substantial coverage across all media channels, which makes it a golden opportunity for advertisers. According to emarketer*, the tournament will be largely responsable for the +3.6% increase in European ad spending for 2018.

As we all know, with GDPR coming into force, the use of data for audience targeting is becoming more complex.

With GDPR, how can advertisers still achieve their objectives?

Don’t worry, there is a great alternative — based purely on contextual data — to help buyers reach the inventory most suited to their target audience.

Contextual targeting already exists, so what’s really new?

In Smart’s case, the Deal+ semantic engine offers not only targeting based on context (readily available for targeting through our platform), but also dynamic contextual targeting. This is made possible by a robust algorithm and machine learning system which extracts, analyzes and categorizes every page’s content in real time.

How can buyers use it?

To provide advertisers the most relevant inventory at scale during the FIFA World Cup, Smart has merged the precision of semantic targeting with the power and scale of curated deals.

Buyers can easily reach their audience within a high volume, 100% premium publisher environment.

For publishers, this new targeting fills a very precise need of advertisers, and is the one solution to enhance their inventory value and visibility to the demand side.

Don’t wait for the 14th of June to get ready for the World Cup, Smart Deal+ semantic is already live in France, Spain, Germany and LATAM!


emarketer, “Checking the Health of the European Advertising Market“, May 11, 2018.