Unifying Video & Display

Easily embrace video within a unified ad stack.

Instantly activate video in the same platform you use to manage your display campaigns. Our in-stream and out-stream solutions are built for all publishers and designed to eliminate the complexity of video advertising across all screens.


Select a custom instream integration method or instantly activate ready-to-run out-stream formats.


Ensure a unified auction between all demand sources — across video and display — while securing the delivery of guaranteed deals.


Drive engagement with video formats across web, mobile web, mobile apps and connected TVs. VAST and VPAID supported.

Best-in-class user experience

Create high-performing ad experiences using advanced controls, rules, and customization options.

Streamlined workflow

Manage every demand channel and content partner across all devices and environments with our integrated UI for video and display.

Granular analytics

Follow up on content and user engagement returns with advanced video ad metrics and insights via our reporting tools and big data report. 

There’s no doubt that Smart provided a lot of efficiency in our operating model and offered new opportunities in programmatic sales.

Alan Streck

Smart video client and Business Manager at Grupo RBS, the largest multimedia business group in Brazil

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