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Realize your fair share through a truly unified auction

Achieve holistic yield monetization through a truly unified auction

Our outstanding holistic yield optimization algorithm ensures that each impression is sold through the best sales channel in order to maximize your overall revenue.

From a single entry point, you can manage all your revenue sources: direct, programmatic and ad network mediation.

Doing client-side header bidding? Benefit from our fully holistic yield optimization solution, Holistic+. For web, mobile web and in-app campaigns, you can manage all your revenue sources — direct, programmatic and header bidding.

A unique suite of capabilities for full revenue optimization

A unified auction for clear and transparent competition

Powerful ad serving capabilities

Benefit from an independent ad server and SSP enabling a full transparent and agnostic holistic competition.

Direct access to premium demand​

Access to 60 DSP+ connections and to our proprietary DSPs (LiquidM and DynAdmic).

Ad experience that matters​

A unique format templating system for seamless UX.
Maximize your revenue with a ready-to use format library.

Streamlined integration

Save time — no additional insertions necessary.

Actionable insights

Meet the needs of all your teams with unified reporting, instant insights on performance, and precise analysis of your business.

Superior inventory forecasting​

Instant and precise insight into metric performance around availability, revenue, and more.

The most secure ad platform​

Be confident in providing a 100% brand-safe environment to your buyers.

Advanced & cookieless targeting​

Leveraging your inventory with data activation and targeting options: performance, semantic contextual, 3rd party audience and 1st party data.

Transferring a company’s online ad inventory, digital products and workflow from an old ad server to a brand new one is always a scary proposition. Fortunately, Smart AdServer’s account and technical support was incredibly strong and our transition went faster and more smoothly than could have reasonably been expected when we began the process.

As part of the transition, we also got audience targeting, semantic word targeting, new ad product templates which reduced cost while increasing CPMs and, did I mention – a VERY responsive technical support team. Campaigns on Smart go live within a minute or two versus the long 10-20 min pushes I’ve been used to in my career.

Adam Carey

Head of Advertising, IMGUR

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