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Quality Is Our Priority

The safest ad exchange. The highest standards.

100% Quality
Over 17 years ago, we made a commitment to quality by focusing exclusively on premium publishers. We partner with only the best buyers, those who want their ads to be displayed on first-rate websites. 

100% Focused on User Experience
We help publishers leverage the quality of their content to preserve their audiences. Our tools not only protect users from malware, but they help create a top-notch, custom ad experience that keeps users coming back for more.

100% Transparent
At Smart, transparency has always been a key differentiator. We are fully transparent with our publishers and share all big data — up to the log level. 

Smart ensures top quality.


Strict Processes

All partners are audited to ensure they will supply only high-quality creatives. Smart monitors these partners to make sure that the whole chain is safe and secure. All ad creatives are investigated nonstop, 24/7.

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Dedicated Team

Our Quality team works daily to ensure both inventory and creative quality. We have a VP Analytics & Quality and 4 dedicated quality experts.

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Leading Technology

We work with industry-leading tools to protect publishers from ad fraud and fraudulent traffic. Every creative is scanned in real time for malware detection before delivery, and all Smart inventory is continuously analyzed to protect against domain spoofing and bot traffic.

ads.txt compliant

Committed to Standards

Smart is an industry leader, implementing the latest quality market initiatives and is 100% ads.txt compliant. We are also an active IAB member and participate in workshops on market quality issues across the globe.

We share our data on fraud.

At Smart, we have a strong desire to proactively increase quality throughout the ecosystem. We are openly sharing all data we gather about fraudulent activities related to both ad quality and traffic quality.

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Quality Vendors

"We highly appreciate the ads.txt initiative since it prevents the unauthorized reselling of inventory in the programmatic market. We are currently rolling out ads.txt on our websites. It is very easy to implement: we simply deploy the ads.txt file in the root directory of the web server.” —Markus Lauscher, Head of Ad Technology
Madvertise Italy
“Ads.txt is the first opportunity to work for a better programmatic market. Today we’re still very confused because of a lack of transparency. Ads.txt will allow us to have cleaner inventory and safer investments from advertisers.” —Tommaso Rossi, Managing Director
“Smart remains committed to combating fraud and ensuring the highest quality marketplace for buyers and sellers. If our industry fails to improve the ad-tech ecosystem, we risk eroding the trust of buyers, which hurts everyone.” —Grégory Jamet, Chief Quality Officer

Smart Ideas About Quality


What You Should Know About Quality Standards

Quality standards aim to increase buy-side visibility into the relationships between all transactional players in the programmatic chain. As a publisher, here’s what you need to know about initiatives like ads.txt, sellers.json, SupplyChain object and more.

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Smart and HUMAN: Your Safeguard Against Invalid Traffic

Each day advertisers lose millions due to invalid traffic. Last year eMarketer estimated global ad fraud losses ranged anywhere from $6B to $42B and these numbers will only grow as invalid traffic constantly evolves in the hopes of evading efforts to combat it.

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