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With years of experience supporting publishers, we know how to help you address your challenges and unlock your revenue potential.

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Ensure your success with our premium service packages and benefit from a personal Solutions Consultant and a Customer Support Specialist that will closely and proactively follow up with you.

Custom Professional Services

Regularly review your strategy and get actionable insights on how to boost your monetization. Run your projects and custom developments with confidence by leveraging advice and services from your personal Solutions Consultant. A specific need? Ask us!

Strong Commitment to Service Level Agreement

From our standard service offering to the most advanced, our support team helps you quickly resolve any issues.

Knowledge and Expertise Sharing

Connect with a large community of Smart’s users

A question on the use of the platform? Looking for best practices? Consult our community and get insights from hundreds of peers and experts.

Expand your knowledge with online courses

Ensure your ad operations team is always fully on-boarded and trained thanks to our self-served online learning programs.

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Smart Ideas


Unifying Our Culture With An Inclusive Approach

Unifying our culture around common values creates an essential link between employees, encouraging collaboration and sparking new ideas and innovation which contributes to our ongoing growth and evolution.

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Online Advertising

Carbon Footprint Measurement: Where Do We Stand Today?

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we’ve spent the past few months developing a solution for assessing the carbon footprint of our digital campaign delivery solutions. Here’s how we’re measuring CO2 and where we stand on implementing our solution.

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