Private Marketplaces. Superior Value.

Realize the full value of your inventory by meeting buyers’ needs
within a brand-safe environment

From Open Auction to Guaranteed Deals

Exclusivity, priority, scale? Use the buying model that best suits your campaign objectives.


Open to all buyers.

private auctions

1 publisher,
pre-approved buyers.

More exclusivity. More control.

direct deals/
preferred deals

1 publisher,
1 buyer.

Exclusive access. Negotiated fixed price.

smart auction packages

1 buyer, 
several premium publishers.

More reach.    Specific targeting.

guaranteed deals

1 publisher,
1 buyer, reserved inventory.

Highest priority. 100% delivery.

Smart Auction Packages

Curated deals. Straightforward.

More opportunities

Reach new buyers by being a part of larger, more visible inventory packs.

More revenue

Better sell your formats and audiences, and increase your revenue.

Less effort

Everything is handled by the Smart monetization team.

Programmatic Guaranteed​

The precision of direct sales. The power of programmatic.


Access new buyers and buying opportunities: buyers give their commitment, you ensure delivery. Revenue is guaranteed.

Strengthen relationships

Enhanced buyer trust and commitment by delivering exactly what they require.



Speed up deal activation and reduce setup errors on the buy side.


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