Monetization for Publishers.
More relationships. More revenue.

A complete monetization suite.


A unified auction features clear and transparent competition.


Curated deals. Straightforward.

Programmatic Guaranteed

The precision of direct sales. The power of programmatic.

Smart Header Tag

Smart RTB+. In your wrapper.


A unified auction.
Clear and transparent

Full revenue optimization

Run a comprehensive and transparent competition among all demand sources, direct & programmatic.

Streamlined integration

Save time — no additional insertions necessary. 


Unified reporting

Instant insights on performance and precise analysis of your business.



Curated deals. Straightforward.

More opportunities

Reach new buyers by being a part of larger, more visible inventory packs.

More revenue

Better sell your formats and audiences, and increase your revenue.

Less effort

Everything is handled by the Smart monetization team.

Programmatic Guaranteed

The precision of direct sales. The power of programmatic.


Access new buyers and buying opportunities: buyers give their commitment, you ensure delivery. Revenue is guaranteed.

Strengthen relationships

Enhanced buyer trust and commitment by delivering exactly what they require.



Speed up deal activation and reduce setup errors on the buy side.


Smart Header Tag

Smart RTB+.
In your wrapper.

More                than 1 SSP

Access more partners to increase overall SSP connections, competition and revenue.

100% transparent

No hidden fees, no interest on the demand side, and full access to buyers’ data.

Easy                  set-up

Use our Smart Header Tag based on prebid.js to easily add us into your header bidding wrapper.

Case Studies

Your own Private Garden

In a dynamic and challenging programmatic environment, media and technology consolidation has created walled gardens that have unfair advantages and influence over independent publishers. It’s Smart’s mission to help publishers take back control and thrive.

Our flexible platform and services help forward-thinking publishers build their own Private Gardens to enable a fully transparent unified auction among all demand partners (DSPs, SSPs and ad networks), whether client side or server side. In a Private Garden, a publisher has 100% control of its demand partners, user experience, audience data and insights. In a Private Garden, a publisher is never operating at the mercy of its platform provider.