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The Holistic ad server

One integrated platform to run your entire advertising business, including direct and programmatic campaigns, across all digital formats and screens. Optimize operations without losing time switching between platforms.

Maximize revenue

with holistic yield management

Meet Bart.

As the central piece of the puzzle, the ad server gets the big picture. It can optimize the value of each impression by taking absolutely all parameters into account in real time allowing direct sales to compete with programmatic ones.

The platform dynamically allocates ads by incorporating all activity on the network: traffic and inventory forecasting, delivery planning, guaranteed campaign commitments, offers, and targeting parameters.

Efficiently manage your

inventory and ad campaigns

Our solution is simple and elegant — hands down the most intuitive and user-friendly interface on the market — and answers your most important needs.

Doing client side header bidding? We can go even further! A full holistic yield solution that includes header bidding is available. You can manage a full, real-time transparent competition between all your revenue sources — direct, programmatic, and header bidding.

  • “The optimization of revenues is a key issue for us, but our priority is to respect our commitments with our direct sales advertisers by ensuring the delivery of their campaigns. Smart’s holistic yield is an efficient solution to these needs and permits us to fine-tune our inventory sales strategy.”

    Jacques Hemmendinger, Managing Director, Régie E-Commerce
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Regain full control

of your inventory

Use the most advanced tools in the market to focus on your strategy and regulate the sale of your inventory.

Create your own ad formats with the template editor

Our template editor is a unique and powerful solution that gives you the power to create and use your own ad templates.

Make Smart your own

Smart is designed to be flexible. Our ad server is open and extendable, allowing you to run your business the way you want.

Use our API to streamline your ad operations: campaign management, forecasts, delivery rules and reporting. We also support DMP integration, third party tracking, Open RTB protocol and Open Direct.

Obtain expert support

Obtain expert support
Our experienced service team is fully dedicated to you and your business. Our experts will customize the ad server to fit your unique needs.

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