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With more than 17 years of experience building a scalable and robust ad management platform, Smart allows publishers to run direct and programmatic campaigns across all digital formats and screens. Open, cutting-edge technology enables publishers to achieve holistic yield monetization through a truly unified auction, maximizing the value of every single impression. 


Smart’s cross-device, cross-channel technology is 100% independent, 100% publisher-focused and easy-to-use. The native integration of our SSP into the ad server enables the highest level of transparency and control. Smart publishers build Private Gardens to thrive outside of the contraints of the walled gardens.

1,000+ Publishers Are Building Private Gardens with Smart

Demand Partners

Revenue optimization is a key issue for us, but our priority is to respect our commitments with our direct sales advertisers. Smart’s holistic yield is an efficient solution to reconcile these needs and permits us to fine-tune our inventory sales strategy.

Jacques Hemmendinger

Managing Director, Régie E-Commerce

4 Smart Pillars

Helping publishers turn challenges into opportunities requires a solid foundation.


We are 100% transparent with our clients. We do not sell our own media and have no inherent conflicts of interest.


As strong promoters of industry-wide initiatives, we work with leading ad verification tools and have in place strict quality processes for all clients and partners.


Our easy-to-use open platform is highly customizable, cross-channel and video-enabled. Build your strategy and adapt our stack to your needs!


We have highly technical experts at your service. Our local teams, dedicated account managers and monetization consultants are a publisher’s best friend.

What makes us Smart

In a dynamic and challenging programmatic environment, media and technology consolidation has created walled gardens that have unfair advantages and influence over independent publishers. It’s Smart’s mission to help publishers take back control and thrive.

Our flexible platform and services help forward-thinking publishers build their own Private Gardens to enable a fully transparent unified auction among all demand partners (DSPs, SSPs and ad networks), whether client side or server side. In a Private Garden, a publisher has 100% control of its demand partners, user experience, audience data and insights. In a Private Garden, a publisher is never operating at the mercy of its platform provider.  

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In addition to thought leadership and practical articles, we deliver opinions and insights on this dynamic industry. 

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ExchangeWire: Thriving Outside of the Walled Gardens

In this Exchange Wire interview, CMO Michael Nevins delves deeply into the concept behind Private Gardens, speaking directly to publishers and explaining the benefit of first party data activation and the creation of an exclusive marketplace.

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