The Rise of the Independents

European Ad Server Research 2022

Power Shifting From Big Tech to the Open Web
New Research from Equativ & ExchangeWire

This report, produced by ExchangeWire in association with Equativ, was produced to examine the key drivers behind ad server selection across Europe and how prominent industry trends, such as the deprecation of third-party cookies, upcoming privacy-focused legislation, and antitrust examinations into big tech colossi, are affecting publishers’ choice of partner.

Executive Summary

As detailed within the report, the findings reveal a significant shift in power is occurring, with the impetus shifting away from the big tech giants, towards publishers and their emergent independent technology providers.

Privacy is increasingly at the forefront of publisher mindsets, while scaled publishers are highly concerned about business practices and legal compliance, and are looking to experiment with different providers in 2022-2023.

Power belongs to the Open Web, and it is time to take it back. Our mission is to make that happen while promoting a more independent and interoperable ad tech ecosystem. We are thrilled with the results from this survey, which shows that publishers are considering new factors linked to privacy, antitrust, and alignment of interests when selecting their technology partners.

Arnaud Créput, CEO - Equativ

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