Smart AdServer Drives +24% Programmatic Revenue Growth for a US publisher with Prebid for Video

+24% revenue overall, including +176% for instream video

The US Publisher is the world’s top destination for Spanish language reference and learning materials for millions of students every year.

The Challenge

This US publisher was the first adopter of Smart’s prebid for video offering. Instream video revenue had been stagnant, even as volume increased, resulting in an important segment of revenue for the client which was losing efficiency. Smart was tasked with improving performance for instream video on this premium inventory through new demand channels.

The Solution

Smart AdServer developed a solution to integrate instream video into the prebid wrapper, which had previously only been compatible with display formats.

Smart’s technical experts assisted with seamless integration and a smooth transition of inventory from tag-based to prebid.

“Within a week of enabling SmartAdServer in our Prebid video auctions, we saw revenue from the partnership increase by 65%! The integration has brought significant added value to our instream inventory and, thanks to a seamless and error-free rollout, required minimal effort from our engineering and product teams.”

The Results

In one month, prebid video has become the largest driver of revenue for this US publisher:

+ 0 %
revenue overall, including +176% for instream video
+ 20 %
RPMA for video
+ 100 %
bids on video
+ %
eCPM for video
Prebid video

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