What’s Krush Media?

Krush Media is a full-service digital advertising and media company.

In this The People of Ad Tech interview that appeared on The Make Good, COO Jeff Chi discusses Krush Media’s latest innovation, the Audience Extension Network. Learn how the company uses data and Smart’s ad serving technology to serve users relevant ads across the web.

Interview highlights

“Smart is a good example of a company staying relevant with their technology. As we know, Smart’s been around for a long, long time — they have a great history of being a really good ad server and they have really strong ad serving technology, but they stay relevant by incorporating programmatic into their ecosystem.”

“They are connected with lots of top tier DSPs…When we launched our Audience Extension Network, they were able to be a good partner and believe in our idea and the technology behind it. It’s these types of partnerships and companies that are leading the space with programmatic — really taking the idea from infancy, believing in the idea, and building around it.”