Smart’s Inventory is Now Compatible With Google Audiences

Advertisers can now apply Google’s Audience Segments (affinity, in-market audiences) to their campaigns in Display & Video 360 and buy on Smart inventory. 

For publishers

This integration works for: 

  • all formats 
  • all environments 
  • several transaction types – Open Auction, Direct Deals 

Buyers who have added Google’s Audience Segments to their campaigns will now be able to buy on Smart inventory. All you need to do is share the news and remind them to enable Smart as an exchange in the DV360 interface. 

For advertisers

This feature will increase scale and reach to better achieve campaign goals and is available for: 

  • Open Auctions and deals 
  • All formats 
  • All devices 
  • All geographies

Our team is continuously working together with Display & Video 360 to unlock new opportunities that help advertisers and publishers best reach their goals. 

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