How Fan Controlled Football Partnered with Smart to Manage and Increase Ad Inventory

How Fan Controlled Football engaged Smart to help manage direct-sold media demand and access incremental demand to increase monetization.

Fan Controlled Football (FCF) is the only professional sports league that combines the passion and competitiveness of live and fantasy sports with the interactivity of video games. It is the first platform in professional sports history to empower fans to call the shots – from branding and personnel decisions to real-time play calling. FCF is the democratization of sports with season v2.0 expanding to eight teams kicking off in the spring of 2022. 

Challenge and Objective

FCF was looking to manage their sponsor ad inventory, inclusive of ad serving, measurement, and ad tag delivery. With no internal team to manage the process, FCF turned to Smart to help manage all of their campaigns through the easy tools offered by Smart. 


  • Deploy a platform that would be easy for their team to manage the direct-sold media demand they have with their sponsors
  • Usability for running in-house campaigns featuring their own merchandise and offers to fans 
  • Access incremental demand for their supply that they can monetize programmatically 

Solution: Ad Server & SSP

  • Highest level of transparency 
  • Complete control of inventory 
  • Advanced reporting tools 
  • Native integration of our SSP into the ad server


  • Maximization of advertisers’ committed spend
  • All sponsors renewed their commitments at higher spend levels 
  • Ability to show partners previews of how creatives would look on their platform 
  • Ability to use paid media from sponsors, internal house promotions, and programmatic advertising with one platform 
  • Customized client services for campaign management

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