World Cup Campaign Success: A Smart RTB+ and Zebestof Case Study

Why should you read this article?
Because cross-publisher deals can drive significant performances within a really short time, without trading complexity


The Partner

Zebestof, a subsidiary of the CCM Benchmark / Figaro Group, is a trading desk that combines technology and proprietary data to enable brands to maximize the performance of their digital media campaigns. 

The Challenge

In order to meet the needs of various advertisers in the automotive, eletronics and food sectors, Zebestof’s goal was to — during the 2018 World Cup — deliver desktop and mobile web full page takeover ads to a specific audience: men with a strong interest in soccer. The trading desk opted to use the contextual targeting of premium inventory to achieve this objective.

The Solution

Smart’s Deal+ solution was the best fit for Zebestof. With over 100 pre-configured cross-publisher deals and secure access to inventory, buyers have the ability to reach 40-plus premium networks on all devices (desktop, web-mobile, in-app), for all formats (display, video, native). Using a unique Deal ID, programmatic buyers to save time and reach their campaign objectives.

+ Large volume
+ Transparency
+ Impactful formats
+ Quality inventory
+ Effortless trading

Smart’s proprietary real-time semantic analysis tool enabled buyers to meet their World Cup campaign targets of reaching sports fans in a 100% soccer-focused editorial context.


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The Results

Delivery of campaigns only to premium publishers, including top European Press Group such as Mondadori.

+ CTR greater than 2%, which is 20% higher that other campaigns
+ CPC 30% lower than competing campaigns
+ 100% brand-safe environment

“The use of Smart’s semantic deals enables us to meet two goals. First, we’ve been able to maximize our customers’ campaign performance through a context-focused distribution of ads in a premium environment. Second, an advanced pre-negociation of deals with several publishers has allowed us to improve productivity for our traders” said Charlotte Fouquet, COO Zebestof

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