Semantic Contextual Targeting.

The right audience, the right time, the right place.

AI-powered & Self-Served Semantic Contextual Targeting

Use semantic targeting to display contextually-relevant ads to catch audience attention on the spot. Smart’s proprietary language processing algorithm uses artificial intelligence to analyze the true meaning of our publishers’ content pages in real-time. Each page is categorized and added in thematic segments that are directly available for targeting in Smart’s platform. 

Direct & RTB

Powerful targeting available through IO and deals


Directly available in Smart’s UI. No commitment


GDPR compliant 

Benefits for both sides

Media Buyers

Reach your audience within a context appropriate to your targeting objectives. With our cookie-less solution, target an accurate and receptive audience at scale, while providing a more relevant customer experience. 

Media Sellers

Realize greater value and get a better overview of your most important asset: Your content. With our cookie-less and time-saving solution, easily answer buyers’ briefs by providing them direct access to their most desired audience. 

Available through: PMP, Direct Deals, PG, Smart Auction Packages (cross-publisher deals), Direct campaigns

20 +
ready to use segments
languages available
of inventory scanned
pages categorized

How does semantic targeting work?

After years of R&D, Smart’s data science team has developed powerful proprietary contextual machine learning technology that scans, analyzes and categorizes over 100,000 pages per day. Based on artificial intelligence, the algorithm continuously improves the accuracy of the segmentation. 

“We’ve been able to maximize our customers’ campaign performance through a context-focused distribution of ads in a premium environment.”

Charlotte Fouquet

COO, Zebestof

Case Studies