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Optimize the value of your inventory with client-side- In-stream video Header-Bidding

Get the most out of each video impression

Header bidding is not just about display ad, you can also open your video inventory to Header Bidding.

The video header bidding mechanism is the same as header-bidding in display advertising, even if the implementation is quite different. 

Our client-side video Header Bidding solution helps publishers get the most out of each video impression with easy implementation and revenue growth.

Adding client-side in-stream video Header Bidding to your stack will increase the competition and demand density for your specific video inventory, thus maximizing your global revenue and long-term optimization.

Boost in RPM

In this real-time demand sources competition, supply-side and demand-side vendors can easily synchronise their cookies during the bidding process

More Transparency

Publishers can access granular reporting to gain deeper insights about demand sources and clearing prices

“Within a week of enabling SmartAdServer in our Prebid video auctions, we saw revenue from the partnership increase by 65%! The integration has brought significant added value to our instream inventory and, thanks to a seamless and error-free rollout, required minimal effort from our engineering and product teams.”

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