We build tools and technology to optimize your revenue

Integrated Holistic Ad Stack

Ad Server

It begins with the most feature-rich open ad server on the market.

Our tightly integrated SSP means no switching between platforms.

Simple cross-platform trafficking

Save your teams hours of trafficking


Use log-level data to optimize campaign performance 

Easy audience and contextual targeting

Benefit from a built in data marketplace

Sophisticated, real-time forecasting tool

Insights lead to revenue opportunities

ad builder 

Effortlessly build custom ad experiences

Open API

Build on our open APIs to customize for your needs  

Smart RTB+
Premium SSP

Reach top quality buyers via an SSP natively integrated into the ad server.

Cross-format, cross-channel. 

Easy-to-use and plug in, transparent, independent and 100% publisher-focused.


More than a single SSP

Easily activate SSPs through existing server-side integrations

Take full control

Sophisticated tools and algorithms to optimize programmatic revenue

Any type of integration

Have our SSP in our waterfall or in a header bidding wrapper – client side or server side

Ad quality and brand safety

Gain peace of mind by joining the highest quality ecosystem

Any type of deal

Manage and troubleshoot all deals, including programmatic guaranteed

Proprietary semantic contextual targeting

A turnkey solution to increase the value of your context

Key Monetization Solutions

Header Bidding

Gain efficiency and grow monetization with a complete suite of solutions, whether you have an internal sales team or are monetizing automatically.