Vodafone increases viewability with Smart’s Auction Packages

78% average viewability rate on over 5 million impressions

A leading Telecommunication group in Italy, part of the top 3 groups in the countries in terms of market share in 2019, ran a programmatic campaign to support its principal product: broadband fixed line – fiber.

The Challenge

The main KPI for this programmatic campaign was to display a campaign on desktop to generate a minimum of viewable impressions in order to maximize the coverage of the brand message. The expected viewability rate started at 60% and went up to 90% for some deals. The client’s objective was to understand the direct impact of the viewability rate of the purchased impressions on sales.

  • Overall Objective: Performance
  • Format : Display Banner
  • Devices: Desktop
  • Targeted inventory: Premium Italian publishers
  • Campaign main KPIs: Viewability rates and conversions

The Solution

Through Auction Packages, Smart was able to provide deal IDs that ensured the advertiser its KPI achievement. With ‘Predicted Views’ AI-based targeting, Smart was able to predict, in real-time, which ad call would turn into a viewable impression.

To ensure campaign reach, Smart Auction Packages, a cross publisher targeting solution, combines the accuracy of the algorithm with the benefit of PMPs: large reach, a brand-safe environment, and operation efficiency with no need to negotiate conditions with each publisher.

Collaborating with Smart and purchasing their pre-packaged Auction Packages enables us to better understand which viewability rate is the best to target in order to buy very qualitative inventory and maintain a constant volume of sales. Their strong support and flexibility in creating and customize the best packages made us achieve our objectives in a very efficient way, so we had more time to focus on our tactics.

Carlotta Meneghini, Digital Marketing Manager & Programmatic Lead – Vodafone Italy

The Results

Using 4 deal IDs, directly copied into their preferred DSP, the advertiser ran its campaign on 60 European publishers with qualified Italian traffic.

*Smart Predicted Views measure

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