El Tiempo Reaches US Market with Programmatic Sales

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The customer, a Spanish media group that specializes in business, economy and technology news websites, counts 4.4 million unique users and 100 million impressions per month, respectively


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The Challenge

The group was off to a strong start with 5x programmatic revenue year over year. To further grow their profit margin, in Q1 of 2018, they challenged Smart to diversify their inventory while keeping control over demand sources. Their goal: increase programmatic revenue without sacrificing user experience of their valued audience.


+ Smart Native Ads

Smart provides a non-intrusive, customizable and responsive native ads solution that offers elevated lift for brand affinity and purchase intent responses. As native ads slip seamlessly into content, users are more receptive to them. CPMs are higher than for both standard banner and Rich Media ads.

+ Easy Native Ads Setup on Existing Placements

Smart makes native ads inventory implementation easy for Spanish Media Group. By setting up inventory on existing banner placements with a native ads template, the need for an additional technical setup is completely eliminated. The customer simply uses Smart’s Native Ad Studio to generate the necessary code.

Full stack solution with programmatic monetization on desktop and mobile web

Smart’s full stack solution provides the media group with an integrated platform on which to run their entire ad serving business — including direct and programmatic, across all digital formats and screens. It allows publishers to deliver advertisements on the right device, in the right format, at the right time. Spanish Media Group is running Smart RTB+ on both desktop and mobile web. To maximize revenue, they are selling inventory using a variety of programmatic buying methods, including Open Auction, deals, and Deal +, Smart’s curated deals solution.

New demand sources placed in holistic competition

Smart’s full stack has a complete view of all inventory as well as each buyer-seller commitment, which allows for holistic campaign management. New native ads demand sources are placed in holistic competition against standard banners, parallax, and Video-Read formats. Native ads are placed at same level in the waterfall as the other formats, but at a different floor price.


Programmatic stake in revenues jumped from 4.2% to 14.8% in two years’ time.

Words from the client and partner

“By integrating a cross-screen open ad server, Smart AdServer made it easy for us to get into the game and move ahead, as we began quickly and inexpensively to run lucrative rich-media ads from brands that would have been out of reach for our direct-sales team… It makes no economic sense for us to put a salesperson in Los Angeles. The rise of programmatic, though, has made it possible for us to run ads from great companies based in L.A. and all over the world — offering impressions, booking the sale, and running the ads in less than a second.”
– Chief Digital Officer Daniel Rojas Rincon

“Buying quality inventory at scale is always important. We’re very happy to be able to access the great content and audience of El Tiempo programmatically, and to easily run rich-media and video ads there.”
– Chief Digital Officer Daniel Rojas Rincon

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