Top 3 reasons why Programmatic Guaranteed should be a big part of your strategy

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Programmatic Guaranteed is growing fast. Here are a few reasons why you should include it in your deal strategy.

Publishers: 3 reasons you should love Programmatic Guaranteed

Programmatic Guaranteed took off in 2018 and is growing rapidly. eMarketer predicts that spend allocated to programmatic direct setups, such as programmatic guaranteed, will account for 58.0% of total programmatic ad expenditures this year. The market and technologies are now mature enough to allow for a scale-up of guaranteed deals among buyers and sellers.

With Programmatic Guaranteed, publishers and advertisers can efficiently execute direct transactions automatically through programmatic, eliminating manual processes. It is a commitment for both the buy side and sell side. Deals are based on a guaranteed volume of impressions at a fixed price. Buyers bid on 100% of bid requests and publishers commit to deliver 100% of the guaranteed volume of impressions.

Publishers, here are few reasons why you should start to integrate Programmatic Guaranteed into your deal strategy.


1 – Programmatic guaranteed has been heavily adopted by buyers

According to a Trusted Media Brands study (Programmatic in the Era of transparency, May 2018), US Marketers are already allocating 33% of their ad spend towards Programmatic Guaranteed because it brings them better ROI and transparency. At Smart, we’ve observed hundreds of Smart RTB+ buyers using these types of deals on a regular basis, and their investment in PG is increasing monthlyIf you want to be included in big budgets, you need to be able to offer guaranteed deals to your partners.

2 – Programmatic Guaranteed secures revenue for publishers

With Programmatic Guaranteed, buyers buy 100% of the inventory they’ve reserved. The publisher is ensured that the deal will generate revenue, and they know in advance exactly how much. That’s what you call a secure deal!

3 – Programmatic Guaranteed brings efficiency 

Programmatic Guaranteed uses the pipes of programmatic transactions to bring automation in the set up process of standard I/O campaigns. It speeds up the launch of campaigns based on guaranteed volumes, and helps prevent errors in trafficking. BCG (Big Efficiency Savings for Publishers and Agencies) found that the programmatic guaranteed process, compared with traditional direct campaigns, was more than 50% more efficient in terms of time saved for the publishers, and almost 30% more efficient for the agencies.

At Smart, Programmatic Guaranteed already represents up to 20% of the overall revenue for some of our publishers. Our SSP is natively integrated into our ad adserver to create what we call a “unified auction”, a clear and transparent competition between all sales channels. This technology combined with our advanced forecasting engine ensures full optimization of your revenue while respecting all your campaign commitments – whether direct or programmatic. 



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