Smart Mobile In-App Guide

Why should you read this article?
Because you’ll learn how easy it is to create innovative advertising experiences on mobile apps.


Smart Mobile In-App Guide – A complete handbook to help publishers and advertisers create powerful ad experiences.


At Smart, mobile in-app has always been a key component of our product suite. With more than 10 years experience as a mobile expert and market leader in France, we’re empowering more than 8,000 apps worldwide to efficiently monetize their inventory. 


We’re convinced that good communication between publishers and buyers is the key to creating successful and powerful ad campaigns. But we know it’s not always easy to operate. 


That’s why we’ve created our Mobile In-App Guide! Designed for both the buy and sell sides, it explains how easy it is to create innovative advertising experiences on apps. Formats such as Transparent Cover, Screen Capture, Go-to Vertical, Parallax and more are all at your fingertips!


Click here to download Smart's Mobile In-App Guide:

Mobile In-App Guide

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Mobile In-App Guide

Smart Mobile In-App Guide

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