Bonnier reports + 27% Increase in Programmatic Revenue with Smart’s Holistic+

 27% increase in its programmatic revenue (between April 2018 and April 2019)
19% growth in its average RTB + eCPM in open auction

Bonnier Business Polska is a part of Bonnier Group – the media holding company based in Sweden, and owns 175 companies with operations in 15 countries. In Poland, Bonnier publishes the most influential business-related newspaper “Puls Biznesu” and runs a leading financial and business portal, which provides reliable and valuable content about investing, personal finance, taxes or running a business.

Programmatic revenue

The Challenge

Bonnier’s mission was to improve the monetization of online news portals across all channels, Direct and programmatic. The main technical challenge was to efficiently implement a Header Bidding wrapper. With limited IT resources, this implementation would have been a large project spanning several months, keeping Bonnier from leveraging the newest solutions in the ad tech market.

The Solution

As a long-term ad tech partner of Bonnier Business Polska, delivering full-stackfull stack – ad server and SSP platform, we were able to offer our Publisher Header Bidding as a service and implement our Managed Holistic+ product and service. 

Together with BBP, we implemented a Header Bidding wrapper and connected all their existing and newly signed SSPs in less than one month. They are now able to manage all campaigns, set up floor prices, activate/deactivate HB in one dashboard giving the BBP team unified reporting across all partners. Moreover, after activating Smart’s Holistic+ engine, they are running their ad monetization through one 100% unified auction maximizing revenue. With this solution, Bonnier Business Polska has full control over all digital channels: Direct, Header Bidding client-site, and Smart RTB+.

Thanks to Managed Holistic + we implemented header bidding in 1 week. The implementation was done without any problems and without the need to make big changes in the adserver settings. Thanks to this solution, we have achieved an increase in revenue, eCPM and saved time and costs that we would have incurred if we had implemented it independently.

Pawel Adamski

Programmatic Manager, BBP

The Results

20 Week
Fast Holistic+ Implementation
+ 0 %
RTB+ eCPM - (Mar-Apr 2019 vs Sep-Oct 2019)
+ %
Incremental revenue uplift (Apr 18 & Apr 19) - (RTB+, new SSPs)
programmatic revenue

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