US Programmatic Fees 2019

US Programmatic Fees 2019

 Concerns About the ‘Ad Tech Tax’ and Transparency Haven’t Gone Away


August 5, 2019
By Nicole Perrin

For years, advertisers and publishers alike have complained about the “tech tax,” the programmatic fees they see as eating into media budgets. But programmatic trading requires infrastructure and partners just to function—let alone effectively. And those partners have to get paid.

How much are advertisers paying for the “ad tech tax”—the programmatic fees collected by ad tech firms to facilitate or complete ad transactions? Are programmatic fees getting higher or getting lower for advertisers? Is the “ad tech tax” really a problem? What about transparency?

These are the main questions raised and answered in this report published by, and to which Michael Nevins –Smart’s Chief Marketing Officer, and Quentin Michon – Smart’s Chief Financial Officer contributed:

“Did they sell my inventory at the highest price, or did they favor their own demand in order to create some sort of arbitrage opportunity on the buy side?” asked Michael Nevins, CMO at SSP and ad server Smart. “Uncertainty around practices both in terms of black boxes and auction dynamics is still a big concern for the industry.”

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