ExchangeWire: Thriving Outside of the Walled Gardens

ExchangeWire: Thriving Outside of the Walled Gardens

This Exchange Wire interview, originally published  on March 26, 2018, CMO Michael Nevins delves deeply into the concept of “private gardens”. He speaks directly to publishers and explains the benefit of first party data activation as well as the creation of an exclusive marketplace. The takeaway? Currently publishers are relying walled gardens too much for their own good. The creation of private gardens will allow publishers to control their own destiny, and massively benefit the programmatic ecosystem as a whole.

Read the interview, entitled “Thriving Outside of the Walled Gardens: Q&A with Michael Nevins, CMO, Smart” in its entirety on Exchange Wire.

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Private Garden Q&A With CMO Michael Nevins

This Q&A with CMO Michael Nevins sheds light on the need for publishers to create a sustainable monetization strategy based on the secure activation of their first-party data. The result? Their own “private gardens.”

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