The Persistence of Client-Side Header Bidding: A Conversation With Smart

The Persistence of Client-Side Header Bidding: A Conversation With Smart

Article published by Gavin Dunaway in AdMonsters, the 16th of December  2019

Of all things 2019 could be labeled—the year of privacy regulation compliance, the year the third-party cookie crumbled, the year of DSPs being acquired on the cheap—it will not be remembered as the year client-side header bidding died.

Not for lack of effort from its arch nemesis, Google. The tag team of Open Bidding (now featuring more of your favorite demand sources) and Unified Auction’s restricted floor controls looked set to deliver client-side header bidding a beating… but interestingly enough, many publishers reported an uptick in their client-side header revenue after the Unified Auction’s launch.

Still, the world is changing fast—and the third-party cookie’s accelerating fade in particular makes us ponder the future of client-side header bidding, even if troubles with ID-matching and a lack of transparency and flexibility continue to mar the adoption of server-side bidding.

I queried Lucie Laurendon—Smart’s Senior Product Marketing Manager and resident header guru—about the future of the header and the cookie crackdown; whether publishers still need header partners on the page; how publishers should evaluate their client-side to server-side demand ratio; and much more.



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