The 3 Changes Google Must Make To Truly Level The Playing Field

The 3 Changes Google Must Make To Truly Level The Playing Field

Article published by AdExchanger, the 13th of December  2019

Google’s surprising move to a first-price unified auction was met with cautious optimism and doses of skepticism. Dropping last-look advantage in Google Ad Manager’s second-price auction format in favor of a unified first-price auction was hailed as a significant concession. Logic would follow that all demand sources would bid first price with a common floor. However, a broad chorus of voices questioned Google’s capability, if not sincerity.

Is Google truly capable of and committed to fairness and a more equitable digital ad-trading dynamic? Only time will tell how transparent Google will be, but a more level playing field is within the realm of possibility.

After Google’s encouraging first moves, publishers must demand full and unrestricted control over their ad tech stack. This necessarily has to include:

  • Full control over pricing rules with no limitations on the number of possible rules
  • Full transparency from Google to publishers regarding all demand sources
  • Complete log-level data access

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