Smart Adserver acquires LiquidM

Smart Adserver acquires LiquidM

Article published by Lara O’Reilly in Digiday, the 18th of December  2019

Smart Adserver is acquiring demand-side platform LiquidM, a move that will give the France-based ad server and supply-side platform greater visibility into both sides of online ad transactions, from buyer to publisher.

The acquisition is indicative of a likely trend: The buy and sell-sides of the ad tech market are moving closer together, as consolidation and commoditization continue to envelope the sector.

The rationale for the deal, according to Smart Adserver CEO Arnaud Créput, is that a demand-side tool will help give buyers a better view of its publisher clients’ inventory and audiences. “Up until now, an agency working with us was not able to bid directly on our inventory and had to go through [another] DSP,” Créput said. Smart Adserver will also offer “full log-level detail” for buyers to trace and analyze the effectiveness of their campaigns, he added.

Financial details of the all-cash transaction were not disclosed. LiquidM has 23 employees, is on track to generate over €10 million ($11 million) in gross revenue this year and is profitable, Smart Adserver said.


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