MediaPost: Publishers’ Path Leads To Private Garden

MediaPost: Publishers’ Path Leads To Private Garden

In the “Matrix,” Neo is offered a red pill or a blue pill by rebel leader Morpheus. The red pill frees him from enslavement of the machine-generated dream world. Living the “truth of reality” would be challenging, but ultimately more rewarding. Conversely, the blue pill would keep him in a comfortable yet unsatisfying simulated reality of the matrix.

In 2018, digital publishers are facing blue pill/red pill choices of their own. The red pill would allow publishers brave control through liberation from the yoke of the Facebook/Google duopoly. With the blue pill, publishers remain in their comfortable but vulnerably lopsided relationships with the walled gardens.

Take option 1.

The red pill may taste harsh, but it will reconfigure a publisher’s go-to-market strategy, creating a more robust and sustainable monetization, with greater long-term brand equity and stability.

Finally, with the emergence of credible, open and data-protective tech platforms in 2018, publishers can now wean themselves off their disproportionate reliances on walled gardens and, in effect, nurture their own private gardens

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