Private Gardens And Other Potential Hedges Against Data Leakage

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In this byline first published in Ad Exchanger, Joseph Lospalluto, EVP, Americas, discusses how publishers can eliminate the risks of data leakage. Private Gardens And Other Potential Hedges Against Data Leakage

Publishers such as Meredith in the US, have chosen the publisher-as-platform approach to monetization. They’ve created their own “private garden” by activating their 1st party data to increase the value of their inventory and improve revenues. However, the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook controversy has proved that data can be siphoned by competitors and and transactional partners without benefiting the data owners or consumers.

PMPs, improved contracts and increased transparency are just some of the ways publishers can help mitigate data leakage risks. In this byline, published on Ad Exchanger on April 11 , 2018, Joseph Lospalluto, EVP, Americas, delves into the topic of data leakage and how to avoid it.

Read the article “Private Gardens And Other Potential Hedges Against Data Leakage” in its entirety on Ad Exchanger.

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