Exchangewire EMEA: Server-to-server integration between Smart & Rubicon

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Exchangewire EMEA: Server-to-server integration between Smart & Rubicon

By: Sonja Kroll

More access to demand-side interest for Smart: the ad monetisation platform is integrating with the Rubicon Project exchange in an effort to provide both buy-side and sell-side players an enhanced transaction ecosystem. The integration is facilitated by Rubicon Project, connecting the Smart ad server to Rubicon Project’s global advertising exchange.

“Header bidding has been a positive for publishers as it has allowed them to maximize revenue by putting more of their demand sources into competition. Its downside is that it can be cumbersome to manage and create latency issues which can affect user experience. Our server-to-server connection with Rubicon solves these problems by making it simple for Smart’s publishers to quickly add Rubicon demand within Smart’s interface without any integration effort. It also avoids the potential latency associated with header bidding. Smart’s publishers benefit with greater revenue driven through a more holistic approach to managing their demand partners. With this integration, we bring another level of power and control to publishers to help them maximize their return,” Cyrille Geffray, CEO, Smart, tells ExchangeWire.

James Brown, managing director EMEA, Rubicon Project, stresses the integration’s benefits for Smart’s publishers: “Smart’s publishers will see their advertising revenue potential increase as a result of the integration with Rubicon Project, without large investments of both resources and time – not to mention technical integrations. As a result of this integration, hundreds of thousands of brands, agencies and DSPs who connect to Rubicon’s exchange will now have access to Smart’s premium publishers. These include outstream video, rich media and their highly sought-after in-app inventory. Our integration represents a further step towards building a more transparent and efficient programmatic advertising ecosystem.”

The integrated service is available in all markets and all ad formats.

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