Natura Grows Online Sales by 150% with Programmatic; Havas Mexico Presents OOH Solution Natura Grows Online Sales by 150% with Programmatic: HAVAS Mexico Presents OOH Solution

By: Gabriela Stripoli

This week’s Latin American Roundup brings the following stories: the Brazilian cosmetics brand Natura has increased their online sales by 150% after doubling their investment in digital media, including programmatic solutions; Havas Mexico introduces out-of-home solution using data analytics and geolocalisation for audience targeting in the entire country; and Gotchosen launches social media environment platform in Brazil, after partnering with the local DMP Tail and Smart Adserver. 

Natura grows online sales by 150% with digital & programmatic strategy

The Brazilian cosmetics brand Natura grew their online sales by 150% in the second quarter of the year, also increasing their average ticket in their e-commerce website. João Paulo Ferreira, president, Natura, attributed the growth and the jump in their online traffic to the investment in programmatic media and targeted ad campaigns in social media.

Speaking to Valor Economico, Ferreira highlighted the media strategies recently implemented by the company, with direct impact in the product offerings and relevant content to each consumer. The company has increased their digital budget in more than 100%, when compared to last year’s numbers.

The company has been investing heavily in their internationalisation, especially after buying the British cosmetics company The Body Shop. The digitalisation of their business, which was taken as “revolutionary” for the company — relying in 1:1 sales for years — is one of the pillars of the new Natura. Online sales already represent 3% of their revenues, which grew by 80% in Q2, compared to the same period of 2016. Also, the online ticket is close to their 1:1 sales.

Havas Mexico introduces out-of-home solution

The Adcity tool is Havas Mexico newest bet in the out of home media segment in Latin America. According to the company, the platform will be available for clients in the entire country, using data analytics and geolocation to reach the audience in real-time campaigns.

“The real advantage of our platform is that we can make more granular and customised segmentations, based on people’s behaviour. This way, the investments in this sort of strategy are more efficient”, said Carlos Fanjul, media director, Havas Mexico. In their local portfolio, Volaris, Liverpool and Telelefónica have already used the platform in their campaigns.

Gotchosen launches segmentation tool in Brazil

The online ad company GotChosen launched in Brazil their platform that combines social media data and user browsing data in real time, claiming to be able to analyse 26 million users’ data. The platform is the result of a partnership with the Brazilian DMP Tail and Smart Adserver.
“Hybrid user segmentation gives the opportunity to deliver more assertive campaigns, and then reach the desired audience even more accurately”, said Oz Silva, founder and CEO, GotChosen.
The company has started their commercial operations in Brazil around three years ago, targeting publishers, advertisers and ad agencies towards social media ecosystem solutions. Their technology bring the social media experience to websites, removing the limitation of being in a single domain (URL) or app without being able to access their social media. Their goal is to reach 80 million users in Brazil.

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