AdExchanger: Google Will Enjoy Major GDPR Data Advantages, Even After Joining IAB Europe’s Industry Framework

AdExchanger: Google Will Enjoy Major GDPR Data Advantages, Even After Joining IAB Europe’s Industry Framework

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Even if Google registers its entire product stack with the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), there will still be important differences between Google’s GDPR solution and the programmatic ecosystem.Google has a huge advantage because of its end-to-end status in the online supply chain, said Blake Brannon, VP of product at the privacy management software company OneTrust.While the TCF is backed by the entire ad tech ecosystem and has added more than 15,000 publishers in the past month, most EU traffic doesn’t carry its consent signals, and traffic that does often passes along a rejection.While the IAB Europe spends months getting publishers on board and vendors aligned with its technology, Google’s GDPR “framework” has full coverage across its publisher base since it essentially gained consent through an update to its terms of service, Brannon said.Operating on both buy and supply sides is also an advantage, said AppNexus product VP Steve Truxal.Publishers and brands want simple, contractually bound supply chains because they are now liable for how their data is used by an intermediary.And since third-party vendors must be listed in publisher consent pop-ups, Truxal said many sites want to work with as few intermediaries as possible to improve opt-in rates, benefitting companies that fill multiple supply chain roles.

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