Smart empowers ShowHeroes to act with certainty and take control to drive their ad business

 400% increase in RTB video revenue between Jan-June 2019 

90% on the ad revenue powered by Smart 

ShowHeroes is Europe’s leading independent provider of video solutions for digital publishers and advertisers. They enable web and app publishers to offer professional, highly relevant, unique video content across all screens (mobile & desktop) to their users. 

The Challenge

ShowHeroes wants to use a single ad tech platform to manage all their clients’ campaigns, direct and programmatic, for both in-stream video and display ads. The platform needs to be flexible to allow ShowHeroes to have full control over their ad business and the optimization of their campaigns.

The Solution

ShowHeroes trusts Smart’s Publisher Suite to manage their ad campaigns and increase monetization.

1/ Smart, the backbone of the Showheroes advertising business. 

ShowHeroes leverages Smart’s holistic platform including ad server and natively integrated SSP. All the advertising intelligence is operated through the Smart’s ad server. Further, it is using Smart RTB+ as its primary SSP for video and display to drive additional revenue for its partners. This advanced integration enables ShowHeroes to holistically manage and control all its ad campaigns from a single interface. 

2/ An advanced platform to manage direct relationships with buyers.

ShowHeroes is using Smart’s platform to manage their direct campaigns and deals that provide several advantages such as:

  • Streamlined video workflow: with only one insertion ShowHeroes can deliver video campaigns in the content stream of its proprietary player across all devices and all programmatic demand channels. 
  • Advanced deal facilitation platform: ShowHeroes is able to offer a variety of deals such as Direct deals, Private Marketplaces, and Programmatic Guaranteed Deals. The interface is built to help them effortlessly monitor, report and debug their deals. 
  • Open APIs:  ShowHeroes uses Smart’s open APIs to retrieve all the data points measured by Smart and share them with their customers. 

3/ Flexible platform provides choice and control over set up and monetization.

To ensure revenue maximization and 100% control over video optimization, ShowHeroes has implemented different setups for video and display.

  • ShowHeroes in-house video yield optimization engine arbitrates between the offers sent by our holistic engine ーwhich operates a competition between their direct sales and Smart RTB+ ー and their other connected video SSPs.
  • ShowHeroes operates a dynamic waterfall to backfill video with rich media, display and native formats.
  • Smart’s Holistic+ solution drives a truly unified competition for the ShowHeroes display campaigns. The system operates a competition between its direct campaigns, Smart RTB+ demand, and client-side header bidding partners, to always ensure the best revenue.

“Smart is the backbone of our advertising technology. It enables us to efficiently manage any type of ad campaign through any type of sales channel. Since the platform is very flexible and open we can finetune our setups to maximize the monetization for our publishers. Smart is definitely a trusted partner that gives us full control over our business.”

Dennis Kirschner

Chief Marketing Officer, ShowHeroes

The Results

  • Building on 3 years of successful partnership
  • Smart #1 SSP / monetization partner for ShowHeroes
20 %
of the ad revenue powered by Smart
20 %
control over their campaigns' optimization
increase in RTB video revenue between Jan-June 2019
RTB revenue uplift between Q1 2018 and Q1 2019

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