Impactify boosts monetization across europe using Smart RTB+ for video and native

 #1 SSP for mobile 
+111% revenue between Q1 and Q2 2019

Impactify is a web and mobile advertising exchange, serving premium UX ads focused on the user experience, with the main objective of connecting publishers and advertisers through a unique programmatic platform to automate transactions and optimize performance. Video is a key strategic offering for Impactify. They provide both a proprietary video player for instream and out-stream video ads as well as a native solution to publisher clients around the world. Impactify solutions are used by media groups in France and Germany.

rtb video

70 million monthly unique visitors

The Challenge

Impactify was looking for a way to easily boost video and native revenue using their current tech stack.

The Solution

Impactify plugged in Smart RTB+ SSP as a monetization partner for their European inventory which provided several advantages:

  • Flexible instream and outstream video solution: Impactify is using Smart ready-to-use video ad templates. This allows them to easily display instream and out-stream ads in their own video players and web content.
  • Easy-to-use native solution: Impactify uses also Smart’s native ad templates, offering an easy and standard set-up to adapt to their publishers’ content. This solution provides a non-intrusive and personalized approach to advertising,  delivering higher CPMs and engaged users enjoying content in an organic, brand-safe environment.
  • Activation of the Smart Yield+ solution: The Smart Yield+ engine automatically optimizes floor prices to boost Impactify’s revenue.
  • Increased Demand: Smart RTB+ is connected with more than 300+ video buyers and with the leading video and native DSPs. This allows Impactify to connect with new high-quality DSP partners all over Europe, creating new demand opportunities. This access resulted in new channels of business and growth opportunities, driving Impactify’s business in emerging markets.

Smart is a great facilitator in every way. They provide us with proactive tech support and expertise and have a strong APIs. Smart provides better performance on mobile compared to other SSPs and we really like using the yield automatic feature which allowed an increase in revenues by 20%. 

Thomas Aina

CEO & Founder, Impactify

The Results

# 20
SSP for mobile and in their top 3 for web
+ 0 %
revenue between Q1 and Q2 2019
+ %
revenue increase driven by Smart Yield+ engine
Average instream CPM for open auction

Impactify revenue trend between Q1 and Q2 2019 

RTB video
rtb video

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