Smart AdServer Launches One-Of-A-Kind Go-To Vertical Video Format

Why should you read this article ?
To learn how easy it is to transform a horizontal ad into a vertical one!

You’ve heard all about the merits of vertical video in the first two articles in this series, “Dont’ Hate! Why Vertical Video is the Next Big Thing” and “Will Video Production Change Now that Vertical Video is on the Rise?“. Our last article offers you a unique way to transform horizontal ads into vertical videos!

Why are vertical videos are so popular?

Vertical Videos — especially vertical advertisements — are a strategic investment on mobile. Snapchat caught on fast and vertical has become one of their standout advertising formats. The social network announced that Vertical Videos have a completion rate nine time higher than horizontal ones.

Some key stats

-Users hold their mobile devices vertically 90% of the time.

-Videos are still produced, for the most part, horizontally (so that they can fit TV and computer screens). However, on a screen held vertically, a user will see a mere 25% of a video with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Up until now, the leftover space in the background would display either a static image or black bands.

-Smart AdServer has observed that vertical video completion rates average six times higher than horizontal video completion rates.

Smart AdServer’s solution

Smart AdServer has brought a unique solution to the market, helping advertisers and publishers offer users a more efficient and engaging experience. Our Go-To Vertical Video format transforms a horizontal video creative into an advertisement suitable for a vertical screen. A customized video background (blurred, sepia, saturated, etc.) is added to fill up the entire screen, offering a more immersive ad experience.

The format is truly unique in its ability to instantly “verticalize” any horizontal video. This responds to the market’s need to solve the lost space problem noted above.

This new product is VAST compatible and can be sold through programmatic channels, which will allow publishers to offer advertisers appealing inventory and, ultimately, increase their CPMs.

Check out our video and learn how easy it is to “go vertical”! Want to try it out now? Request a demo.



Looking for more innovative formats? Take a look at the Smart AdServer Gallery!


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