Programmatic + Mobile + Branding with Sublime Skinz

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To learn how branding and programmatic can fit together to help publishers monetize on mobile.

Leading French ad tech company Sublime Skinz, which specializes in the distribution and optimization of skin-based advertising, has partnered with Smart AdServer to launch its new mobile web format, M-Skinz. The format will be available on programmatic exclusively via Smart AdServer’s SSP, Smart RTB+.

The partnership was announced three weeks ago at dmexco in Cologne, and the first campaign was launched last week.

What exactly is a skin?

A full-page skin (or “full page takeover”) envelops a website by completely surrounding the editorial content, allowing the advertiser to really impact their targets. Indeed, the size of full page skins make them hard for the user to miss. With the amount of money going into these takeovers, companies usually pull out all the stops, displaying original and captivating creative with the goal of building brand awareness and, eventually, converting the viewer.

Sublime Skinz’ full-page mobile placements have the same qualities as their desktop formats. Their skins include a swipe (a panel that appears when the user swipes to the left) as well as top and bottom banners that disappear when the user scrolls. The company has dedicated itself to both publishers and users — they are committed to respecting users while ensuring publisher inventory is properly valorized.

full page takeover skin mobile

A French Tech Collaboration

In less than four years, Sublime Skinz has grown from 30 publishers to over 1,000 publishers and 3,500 websites, running campaigns for more than 750 brands. The company, active in the Europe, the US, and Latin America, decided to build on the mobile expertise of Smart AdServer, “Their SSP, Smart RTB+, is the market leader,” Jérôme Maréchal, Sublime Skinz Managing Director of France reported to RateCard. “They’re known for having substantial amounts of premium mobile web inventory and are recognized for it. Sublime Skinz publishers will benefit from this innovative mobile format, available on programmatic exclusively via Smart RTB +. Agencies and advertisers can access powerful mobile campaigns that are respectful of users,” Maréchal added. “Furthermore, we wanted to, through this partnership, align our common interests as innovative French Tech companies.”

Smart AdServer believes this is a particularly important partnership, “We’re proud to work on this new mobile project with the Sublime Skinz team,” stated Cyrille Geffray, CEO of Smart AdServer. “The two of us have a real synergy, and this new venture is proof. Our partnership reinforces our leadership in mobile and programmatic. It will also accelerate international ambitions in the US, where both companies are already well established, notably in New York.”

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