Case study: How BAN Built an Efficient Rich Media Strategy

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To learn how you, too, can easily monetize your sites on web, mobile web, and mobile apps.

One of our biggest Polish customers,, has been working with us for over four years to built a successful rich media strategy. is a premium advertising network focused on business and lifestyle sites such as,,,, and started working with Smart AdServer in 2010 and delivers over 500 million ad impressions to 12 million unique visitors on web, mobile web and mobile apps (including video).

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– Provide advertisers with stable and reliable delivery of ad impressions on high-quality content websites
– Create advanced ad experiences with rich media ad formats
– Do so with a team that does not have design or tech experts
– Avoid creative agency third-party costs

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Solution provided by Smart AdServer

1 – A rich media library integrated into the ad server

Smart AdServer approaches rich media management from a unique perspective. Our rich media library is integrated right into the ad server. It contains a wide range of pre-defined formats suitable for web, mobile web, and apps. Ad operation effectiveness is significantly improved because the templates are part of the trafficking workflow.

2 – Easy setup and trafficking

You can easily build a rich media ad in a few clicks by uploading simple assets to the trafficking interface. No technical skills are needed — it is just a matter of ticking boxes and adjusting parameters. In fact, it can all be done in three steps: select an ad template, upload the creative file, customize the ad, and you’re done!

3 – New templates and custom development

Smart AdServer local experts have partnered with the Team to adapt existing Rich Media templates to’s particular needs.
In addition, takes advantage of all new templates that are developed by Smart AdServer’s Rich Media Team and can offer advertisers brand new ad formats that drive user engagement.

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Campaign costs are 15-30% lower than through a rich media vendor


“We recommend Smart AdServer as it is a powerful tool that allows us to deliver premium services to our clients.” –Paweł Ścieszko, Head of Traffic,

You can find the full case study on Slideshare. 

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