Bring your true self to work!

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In line with our values

We believe diversity, equity, and inclusion need to be more than just buzzwords. We live our values and encourage all Smarties to bring their true selves to work.


We are committed to advancing a culture of inclusion at Smart where all of our people have a sense of belonging and have the psychological safety to have their voices heard and valued.


We provide equal access to opportunities, training, and development and are committed to pay parity. This helps create a foundation of inclusive culture on which we can build a business that empowers our employees and customers to succeed. Our data on diversity is publicly available and our HR processes are fully transparent for all our employees.


While we still have work to do, we continually strive to build diverse teams to leverage each individual’s uniqueness and create a workplace that reflects the diverse world around us.

Smart's Inclusion Index - Global Results

We ran our first survey in February 2021 with 2 goals: 

Measure the level of inclusion at Smart as perceived by the Smarties

Collect insights on how to improve Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Smart

D,E & I global report - December 2020


Age Diversity

Global - 273 Smarties (in %)

Management (in %)

Ethnicity (Only US data available in %)

Gender Equality Index France*


Compensation gap between Women & Men

Increase rate gap between Women & Men

% of employees increased in the year after their maternity leave

Number of employees from the under-represented gender into the 10 highest compensations





*Index égalité hommes-femmes 2020 en France

France - 162 Smarties (in %)

  • For the second year of publication of the Gender Equality Index, our score demonstrates our commitments for equal access to opportunities and pay parity
  • We are maintaining our efforts on Gender diversity to attract more women, especially within Tech departments, as Women represent only 26% of the total headcount in France, compared to 29%  across the entire company

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