Key market trends for a privacy first digital advertising ecosystem

Prepare for a cookieless future

Preparing for the cookieless future has been a focus of the digital advertising industry for quite some time now. As the countdown to the end of cookies gets shorter, it’s more important than ever for buyers and sellers to understand the impact of cookie and ID deprecation in real-time.

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Renewed interest in ethical targeting and user privacy has brought semantic contextual targeting back into the spotlight for good reason. With the powerful new possibilities created through advances in AI over the last decade, it might be time for a second look at the benefits of semantic contextual targeting.

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Tackle Cookie Deprecation With Semantic Contextual Targeting

The ongoing and increasing concerns around privacy, compounded by the emergence of brand safety issues connected to COVID-19, is driving a resurgence of interest in semantic contextual targeting. In the face of third-party cookie deprecation, it offers seamless efficiency and serves as a great cookieless alternative for reaching your full audience and protecting revenue.

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