Smart AdServer Boosts Monetization for

Why should you read this article ?
Because holistic yield management beats the traditional monetization approach.

Learn how  doubled its revenue earnings in two months using Smart’s holistic yield management solution. Click on the image to read the case study in full!


Before plugging into Smart’s full stack platform, used a traditional monetization approach with a chain of partners. Looking for a way to boost revenue, the publisher chose Smart’s full stack platform to help them better monetize their inventory. In January 2017, activated Holistic Yield and Smart RTB+.


+ Holistic Approach: Smart’s “ad server + RTB” solution allowed to optimize yield and sell ad space at more elevated eCPMs. Smart RTB+ was activated with first look on all formats, placing it at the top of the waterfall. RTB+ could challenge direct sales, but the system delivered the campaign that paid the most,
while making sure still honored previous direct campaign commitments.
+ Increased Demand: Smart helped Contrepoints connect with new high-quality DSP partners, creating additional demand opportunities.
+Complementary SSP: Smart RTB+ acted
as a complement to the publisher’s current monetization strategy. This ensured that revenues were strictly additional and not hijacked from existing partners.

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In 2 months:
+ Smart became the #1 revenue source

In 3 months:
+ 2x total revenue
+ eCPM per page viewed boosted to over 3€
+ Smart RTB+ eCPMs topped those of other platforms, meaning it sold more inventory at a higher price
+ Smart outearned Criteo, Teads, and The Moneytizer
+ Smart represented +40% of total programmatic monetization

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