Make 2021 the Year of High-Level Buying Efficiency

“In Italy this year, we really want to become the trustworthy partner for running programmatic deals. Our wish is to support and guide our clients so they can try and test deals on Smart’s premium Italian publishers, in order to increase their ROI with Auction Packages. We are on their side locally to help achieve their objectives using our new Smart Buyer Connect tool.”

Last year brought about the acceleration of many of the trends the ad tech industry has been working towards in anticipation of larger market shifts and there’s no question that 2020 was transformative for the advanced TV market. COVID-19 restrictions played a large part in the jump in the number of consumers streaming content and the growth in the amount of ad supported services emerging in response. eMarketer is reporting 60% of advertisers currently spending on CTV advertising plan to increase their investment this year as a result. 

We also saw an increased urgency around preparing for the post-cookie era last year as was reflected in the growth of contextual advertising, the testing of new targeting and measurement strategies, and increasing use of first-party data. With new legal standards for personal data processing and new tracking restrictions set to be implemented in 2021, the future of targeted ads will leverage a combination of solutions to replace third-party tracking and targeting.

Deal IDs became a critical signal for both DSPs and buyers to curate inventory and gain visibility and accountability in the supply chain last year. With private marketplace spending surpassing open exchange by about 3 to 1 last year and showing no signs of slowing, the industry focus this year will remain on building a sustainable, fully-transparent, and fair ad tech ecosystem.  

Here at Smart, we’ve always been committed to being an efficient, transparent-by-design and KPI-driven partner. Our 2021 roadmap illustrates this commitment and highlights how we offer direct access to the best performing deals and how we can help you optimize your strategies for campaign performance. 

2021 Demand marketing roadmap

Smart Buyer Connect (SBC) is our direct-first platform for media traders to achieve greater performance and time savings in their programmatic campaigns. Thanks to direct and transparent access to Smart supply, SBC offers unique capabilities to curate available inventories and audiences across all environments and create custom targeted cross-publisher deals that best match your campaign criteria. 

Increase ROI with Smart Buyer Connect

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