Reaching Summer Enthusiasts, Made Easy

With summer quickly approaching and seasonal planning kicking off, you need turn-key solutions to reach engaged customers.

Summertime traditionally means longer evenings and more time spent away from home traveling, attending weddings, and enjoying outdoor concerts and festivals. As schedules fill up with these events, consumer spending increases. On average, US adults spend $305 more socializing in the summer months, making it a key season for marketers looking to connect with engaged consumers. As you build your summer campaigns, here are the must-have audience segments to consider in your targeting toolkit. 


It’s likely no surprise that summer is the most profitable season for the travel and tourism industry and this summer is predicted to be busier than normal. To make up for postponed celebrations and canceled trips, many travelers have embraced a no-regrets mindset when it comes to travel. Organic Google search visits to travel-related sites increased 41% year-over-year in Q4 of 2021 and the travel sector is expected to see 36% growth this year. This quick rebound will result in travel-related ad spending growing six times faster than the overall ad market this year. 

Compared to a typical pre-pandemic year, 86% of consumers expect to spend more or the same on summer travel. Recent Expedia research found that 68% of Americans are planning to “go big” on their next trip. And, while these travel-lovers may be planning to check out from their daily responsibilities while on vacation, they have no intention of taking a break from their devices. Seventy-four percent of travelers use social media while on vacation, and 85% use their mobile devices to book travel activities. 


Whether they’re attending a backyard barbeque or spending a day on the beach, this group is all about enjoying summer to the fullest. For many, some of the most anticipated summer events are music festivals like Tomorrowland or Coachella. Fans enjoy the escapism in these events and 84% of millennials say attending a music festival helps them break out of the day-to-day grind. 

In the US alone, 32 million people attend at least one music festival each year. And, similar to the travel-lovers, they are ready and willing to spend big to make up for lost time. Last year, 47% of fans who planned to attend a festival were willing to spend more for better seats and 40% were willing to travel out of state for at least one music event. 


Nicer weather brings opportunities to participate in outdoor activities. During the pandemic, participation in outdoor activities increased dramatically. Last year the global adventure tourism market reached nearly $496M and it’s expected to increase to $638M this year. 

This group prides itself on being highly informed and is willing to spend money on the right gear. Seventy percent use tech to gather product information, engage with others on outdoor-related topics, or research new things. When it comes to purchasing gear, 50% of all outdoor recreation shoppers buy within the first 24-48 hours of researching a product. Eighty percent shop retailer sites every two months or more and 45% buy more than one item when making a purchase. 

Target summer-lovers with Smart Auction Packages 

With summer right around the corner, the time to start engaging with these key audiences is now. We offer semantic targeting and audience segments to help you effectively and efficiently reach the right consumers all summer long and beyond. 

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