Leverage Semantic Targeting To Optimize Seasonal Campaigns

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Quickly and effectively reach key audiences with semantic targeting. Smart’s Auction Packages allow you to maximize campaign performance in crowded topics.

As children begin returning to the classroom in one fashion or another and the U.S. heads into election season, effectively reaching parents or those interested in a specific campaign issue is top of mind for many marketers. 

Aside from Christmas and Black Friday, back-to-school is traditionally one of the largest seasonal shopping events as parents look to purchase everything from backpacks to laptops for children returning to the classroom. On average, parents make 16 shopping trips related to back-to-school purchases each season. 

While the landscape may look a bit different this year, consumers are increasingly spending and engaging online. The number of parents doing their back-to-school shopping online rose to 73% this year, compared to 40% last year. 

Back-to-school campaign ROI continues to grow with a recent AspireIQ study showing consumers searching for back-to-school campaigns at a 300% higher rate compared with last year. In addition, Pattern 89 reports back-to-school ad performance increased by 47% and consumer engagement with back-to-school content rose by 28% from June to July. With all of this content being served to consumers in such a short time frame, it can be a challenge to stand out as an advertiser. 

When it comes to such crowded topics, it’s important to be able to scale quickly and effectively to reach your key target audiences. Our Deal+ Custom Auction Packages can help you maximize your campaign performance while saving time and resources through a single Deal ID. Direct access to premium inventory ensures a brand-safe environment, which is especially important in politics, and insights into ROI free you to advertise without worry. 

Each season we create new auction packages in anticipation of your campaign planning needs. While our latest featured segments focused on education and politics, we will soon be launching deals focused around sports and holiday shopping. 


  • Back-to-School Display Semantic Education – Family & Parenting, Desktop & Mobile Web 
  • Back-to-School Display Semantic Education – Careers, Desktop & Mobile Web
  • U.S. Display – Education Semantic Targeting 
  • U.S. Video – Education Semantic Targeting 

U.S. Election/Politics: 

  • Economy – Publisher content focused on personal finance, careers, real estate 
  • Family Values – Publisher content focused on family, parenting, education 
  • News & Politics – Publisher content focused on Government, politics, news, law & politics
  • Healthcare – Publisher content focused on health, fitness 
  • U.S. Hispanic – Publisher content in Spanish

We also offer custom-made packages focused on key audience segments, formats, or context. Contact us to learn more or to request a copy of our recently enhanced Deal+ Custom Auction Packages catalog featuring all of our current signature Deal IDs. 

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