How Mobsuccess Used Smart Buyer Connect to Successfully Adapt GiFi’s Purchasing Model

When faced with pandemic-related retail challenges, Mobsuccess activated Smart Buyer Connect to help their client GiFi quickly and successfully shift from a drive-to-store strategy to a drive-to-web strategy.

As a mobile advertising specialist, Mobsuccess buys more than 2 billion impressions each year, exclusively in-app, and uses GPS information from smartphones to geolocate its campaigns for a drive-to-store strategy. 

With the pandemic’s second lockdown causing the store closure of their client GiFi, Mobsuccess needed to not only implement a Click&Collect site, but also change their strategy, from drive-to-store to drive-to-web by exploiting mobile web inventories.

The Objectives

  • Quickly shift from a drive-to-store strategy to a drive-to-web strategy to promote GiFi’s Click&Collect site. 
  • Use mobile web inventory – not exclusively in-app – to display promotional banners.  
  • Use WiFi information in addition to GPS to identify and target more than 500 spots of interest near GiFi’s stores. 


The Solution

Mobsuccess chose to activate Smart Buyer Connect (SBC) to quickly create deals that match its KPIs, the main one being qualified traffic generated on websites. The formats available on SBC, added to contextual targeting and location targeting by city were a decisive element. 

Also, the time saved in deal creation and follow up as a result of the deal troubleshooting module made it possible to intuitively adapt their buying strategies on the platform. 

The Results

In buying exclusive inventory that respects brand safety and in having geolocation information from premium publishers, Mobsuccess achieved excellent performance. 

SBC allowed the company to exceed its CPC and CTR objectives, respectively set at 0.22 Euros and 2.3% , by reaching an average CPC of 0.19 Euros and a more than 3.5% CTR. 

- 13.6 %
Compared to the CPC objective
+ 52.2 %
Compared to the CTR objective

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