How Smart Buyer Connect Helped targeting360 GmbH Increase Traffic Volume

How targeting360 GmbH used Smart Buyer Connect to complement their open auction activities with deal buying to drive results and save time.

A German display advertising company specialized in retargeting and performance, targeting360 GmbH serves more than 650 customers around the world. They provide customized programmatic campaigns that are planned and delivered either via open market or deals. 

To easily increase reach, targeting360 GmbH adopted our Smart Buyer Connect (SBC) solution to complement their open auction activities with deal buying. 


targeting360 GmbH’s main objectives were to start buying deals and to increase their traffic volume by reaching users as frequently as possible with the following requirements: 

  • Target users on desktops and smartphones (non in-app)
  • Focus on display formats in the campaigns 
  • Target users depending on geographic location, with their main target markets being: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France 


To improve traffic while matching their geographical and device requirements, targeting360 GmbH decided to use SBC in self-service. The agency’s control over its deals, combined with the formats, geography, and device targeting available on the platform, allowed targeting360 GmbH to quickly and effectively create qualitative specific deals. 


Despite a very time consuming campaign activation process – made more complex by some of the DSPs targeting360 GmbH is using – SBC’s very intuitive self-service user interface enabled targeting360 GmbH to create the broadest amount of deals and quickly observe improvements in operational day-to-day tasks. The platform’s ease of use meant the troubleshooting module wasn’t even necessary. 

SBC allowed them to increase reach and meet their objective while spending considerably less time setting up deals. 


- 40 %
Less time spent on operational tasks
+ 4 %
Reach compared to before SBC

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