Reach Engaged Back-To-School Shoppers With Ease

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Summer may have just begun, but it’s never too early to start thinking about back-to-school shopping. As one of the biggest shopping periods of the year, we know that effectively reaching and engaging target consumers is top-of-mind for many marketers. 

Last year, combined back-to-school/college spending in the US totaled just over $108B, making it one of the largest seasonal shopping events aside from Christmas and Black Friday. On average, parents make 16 shopping trips related to back-to-school purchases each season. 

Back-to-school campaign ROI continues to grow. A 2020 study showed a 300% Y-O-Y increase in back-to-school-related searches. Last year, Pattern 89 reported back-to-school ad performance increased by 47%, and consumer engagement with back-to-school content rose by 28% from June to July. With all of this content being served to consumers in such a short time frame, it can be challenging to stand out as an advertiser. 

When it comes to such a crowded topic, it’s important to be able to scale quickly and effectively to reach your key target audiences. Our custom Auction Packages can help maximize your campaign performance while saving time and resources through a single Deal ID. Direct access to premium inventory ensures a brand-safe environment and insights into ROI free you to advertise without worry. 

Each season we create new auction packages in anticipation of your campaign planning needs. While our latest featured segments focus on education, we offer Auction Packages on a range of topics and can also create custom deals providing relevant experiences for your target consumers. 


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